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Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning Systems

Fueltec designs and builds high quality fuel maintenance systems.

  • Critical Power fuel filtration systems for Data Centers & Medical Facilities
  • Mobile tank cleaning & fuel polishing systems for service companies
  • Explosion proof, intrinsically safe systems for special applications
  • Systems for Diesel, Jet Fuel, Avgas, and Ethanol Blends


Why Fuel Tank Cleaning Professionals Choose Fueltec’s Mobile Systems

Quality Construction:

  • Fueltec’s fuel polishing systems are built to last for years of service. After years of experience with fuel tank professionals in the field; Fueltec has seen the highly corrosive nature of todays fuels and now builds all filter and separator housings from stainless steel. Tires and wheels are flat free for easy movement on the jobsite. Chassis are powder coated steel.

Cost of Operation:

  • Because the first thing a fuel polishing system may see when fluid is vacuumed from a fuel tank bottom is water, rust, sludge, bacteria and fungi; and because reports from the field tell us a 1000 gallon diesel tank may contain as much as 10 gallons of sludge and we have seen over 100 gallons of sludge in a 10,000 gallon tank; Fueltec’s mobile systems use a Primary Filter using low cost one (1) gallon filter bags to collect this contamination. The Fueltec 5 micron bags cost less then $6.00 each.Compare that with some competition’s filters priced at $30.00-$80.00 ea.

Water Separation:

  • It is easy to remove three or more inches of water from a fuel storage tank with a simple pump. However when you get it down to two (2”) inches or less of water in the tank your pump will start to suck up tiny droplets of fuel with the water. That’s where Fueltec’s high quality water separator out does the competition.Common Centrifugal water separators will get out the big droplets of water, but the small droplets will be left behind to coalesce and grow bacteria, clog filters, damage injectors, and corrode fuel tanks.Fueltec uses a military type micro-glass & Teflon separation process approved for use on jet fuel to remove even the tiniest water droplets down to less than 50 parts per million.

Operating Time:

  • Many competitive fuel polishing systems have a contaminate storage capacity of one or two quarts, some even a gallon or two. When empting the contaminates you have to stop the system, open a drain valve, then open an air inlet valve and wait for the liquid to drain from the system, then close the valves, then start the system again. (hopefully the pump didn’t lose its prime in the process.)The Fueltec Systems will push out the contaminates (one gallon or one thousand gallons) while the system is running, never having to stop the system until the fuel in the tank is clean and dry.

Fueltec’s Systems in use worldwide:

South Florida Water Management District (sixteen systems of various models)
MAYO Clinic– Jacksonville, FL (model 908E & 1050SS)
US Navy Special Operations Norfolk, VA (model 950AW)
Guardian Fuel Technologies, FL (six systems model 955SS)
Blu-Petroleum, IL (two systems model 955SS)
Petroleum Technology, NC (three model 955SS and one model 980 filter cart)
US Army Kwajalein Range, Atoll (model 955SS)
Federal Aviation Administration DFW Airport, TX (model 955SS)
Trane Ingersoll-Rand, NC (three model 950AW)
American Generator, FL (model 919E)
State of South Dakota (model 950AW)
Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage AK (model 950AW)
City of Seattle, WA (model 900A)
MTN Group, Nigeria, Africa telecommunications (fourteen systems model FN-2500)
Morgan-Stanley Data Center, NJ (model 1050SS)
VA Hospital Temple, TX (two systems model 1050SS)
Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Pensacola, FL (model 950AW)
Allen Memorial Hospital, Waterloo, Iowa (model 950AW)
City of Portland, OR (model 908E)
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (model 955SS)
CMH Helicopter Skiing, Alberta, Canada (model 955SS)
Quinn Caterpillar, Ca. (model 919E)
Capital Caterpillar, Tiawan (model 1050SS)
Optimised Fuel, South Africa (model 955SS)
Just to name a few.

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